Research themes in our laboratory include:

Researchgreen chemistry 3cowSouth Sudan Water_0microbes blueGrassland-Landscape








  • Biofilm development studies
  • EcoSystems Biology of complex, anaerobic microbial communities in biomass conversion technologies
  • Slow Sand Filter Microbiology
  • Removal of noxious, and greenhouse, gases using biofilm reactors
  • International Development: ‘Socio-Technical’ Sanitation Solutions
  • Sulfur and nitrogen cycling in coastal sediments
  • The microbial ecophysiology of the bovine rumen

OUR LOCAL CLUSTERS. We work in a Cluster of collaborators in Microbiology at NUI Galway, which includes Vincent O’Flaherty (anaerobic digestion), Forence Abram (metaproteomics) and Cindy Smith (marine microbial ecology). We are also working with Eoghan Clifford and Xinmin Zhang in Civil Engineering at NUI Galway.

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