Joseph Gibbs

Ph.D. candidate                                                                Connect with Joe ResearchGate-logo_small Linkedin-logo-iconlogo_Google-Scholar

Project & research Interests: Microbial ecology of the biologically-mediated processes that underpin Slow Sand Filtration, with particular focus on the application of Slow Sand Filters for the treatment of wastewater.Joe Gibbs

Background: I graduated with an Honours degree in Microbiology from NUI Galway. I previously worked as a research assistant in the Geomicrobiology Lab of Dr. John Moreau at the University of Melbourne, investigating microbial roles in groundwater nitrogen cycling.Joe Gibbs pic for website

Other interests: I play soccer for a team in the Galway District League.

My publications:

Joe’s research is supported by an NUI Galway College of Science Scholarship; the NUI Galway Millennium Fund and Enterprise Ireland.

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