Anastasiia Kostrytsia

Early-stage researcher – PhD student on the Advanced Biological Waste-to-Energy Technologies (ABWET) Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Joint Doctorate (EJD).

Anastasiia Kostrytsia
Research project:
Microbial competition control in high-rate, anaerobic reactors fed with industrial wastewaters
(October 2015 – September 2018)

Nitrate is a typical contaminant in urban and industrial wastewaters and high nitrate concentrations are often associated with various negative environmental and human health impacts. Biological nitrate removal can be performed with both organic and inorganic electron donors (i.e. reduced sulfur compounds or hydrogen). However, there is little information on the application of denitrification for the simultaneous removal of C, N and S compounds from complex mixtures, such as industrial wastewaters. Therefore, the primary goal of the current research is to develop a ‘process control’ methodology to enhances the yields of a particular bioprocess over another by controlling both environmental and operating conditions.

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ABWET Promotor: Prof. Giovanni Esposito
Co-Promotors: Prof. Piet Lens, Dr. Gavin Collins
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