Anna Trego

PhD student

Project & Research Interests:

My project investigates the fundamentals of anaerobic granular biofilm evolution and development inside anaerobic bioreactors, with particular focus on the structural and functional differences in granules of different size. My work proposes and tests a life-cycle hypothesis for granular biofilms, which provides an interesting new view on the biological processes driving anaerobic digestion. Additionally, I have worked with the Transforming Waste Project on the development of a low-tech, low-cost sanitation technologies focusing on nutrient recovery for the peri-urban areas of Sub-Saharn Africa.


I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arizona with a degree in Environmental Science before serving two years with Teach for America as a high school chemistry and physics teacher. I then completed my MSc in Sustainable Resource Management in a joint program between the University of Limerick and the National University of Ireland Galway, graduating with honours. Anna 1

Other Interests:

Aside from my research, I spend a lot of time volunteering in science outreach and communication. Additionally, I love yoga, travelling, painting, playing the guitar, pottery and being a feminist.


  • 10th International Conference on Biofilm Reactors, Ireland (May, 2017) “Ecophysiology of Anaerobic Sludge Granules Across Distinct Size Fractions: Size Matters” Oral Presentation 
Anna 2
  • International Faecal Sludge Management (FSM4) Conference, India (November, 2017) “Integrated Digestion and Nutrient Recovery to Enhance Value Extraction from Faecal Sludge Treatment” Oral presentation.
  • World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion, Chile (November, 2015) “Integrated sequencing batch reactor and modified sludge drying bed system for treatment and nutrient recovery from pit latrines” Poster presentation.