Dr Stephanie Connelly

Ph.D. candidateStephanie

Project & research Interests: I am based at The University of Glasgow, where my research is on anaerobic digestion of industrial (distillery) wastewater and municipal sewage.

My project is supervised by Gavin Collins, Prof. William Sloan and Dr Seung Gu Shin.

My experiments include fundamental investigations into the impact of lab-scale reactor design on microbial ecology, which may have implications for scaling up from lab- to full-scale for anaerobic digestion.

A focus is on high-solids waste, including sewage sludge and pit latrine solids.

North_British_Distillery_Company_Ltd._sign                    Hydrothane-e1349281839413

My project is part of the Transforming Waste Project Consortium. Our industrial and field partners include the North British Distillery (Edinburgh) and Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor.

Background: My training is in Civil Engineering. I have previously worked on a research project focused on microbial fuel cell performance.


Other interests:

My publications:


Stephanie’s project is supported by a Fellowship from the University of Glasgow; and by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Council (EPSRC) Transforming Waste Project‘.



University of Glasgow story on Stephanie’s research:


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