Dr Seán Gerrity

Ph.D. candidate / Postdoc                                          Connect with Seán ResearchGate-logo_small Linkedin-logo-icontwitter

PhD (2009-2014; Postdoctoral Researcher, 2014-2016)

Project & research interests: My project  is on the microbial ecology of biofilm reactors used to treat airstreams by removing noxious, and greenhouse, gases, such as methane, ammonina and hydrogen sulphide.Sean

I am interested in identifying which microbes are present, how they interact in the microbial community, as well as which roles they play in the various Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur cycles. 


Methane-oxidising biofilm growing on a sheet used in our Horizontal-Flow Biofilm Reactors

Background: I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Microbiology from NUI Galway in 2009. I took up a PhD position in the lab in September 2009.

Other interests: Outside the lab, my other interests include rugby and fishing.

My Publications:

J Air Waste Mgt AssocEoghan Clifford, Colm Kennelly, Richard Walsh, Sean Gerrity, Edmond O’Reilly, Gavin Collins (2012). Optimization of a horizontal-flow biofilm reactor for the removal of methane at low temperatures. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 62 (10), 1166-1173. (DOI: 10.1080/10962247.2012.699441)


Colm Kennelly, Eoghan Clifford, Sean Gerrity, Richard Walsh, Michael Rodgers, Gavin Collins. (2012). A horizontal flow biofilm reactor (HFBR) technology for the removal of methane and hydrogen sulphide at low temperatures. Water Science and Technology. 66(9), 1997-2006. (DOI: 10.2166/wst.2012.411)

Seán’s research has been funded by Science Foundation Ireland’s Research Frontiers Programme; and the NUI Galway Thomas Crawford-Hayes Trust.


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