Dr Sarah Haig

Ph.D. candidate based at The University of GlasgowSarahHaig

Project & research Interests: My research aims to determine the functional microbial ecology of slow sand filters (SSFs) by carrying out both field sampling (at an industrial SSF site) and laboratory experimentation (creation of lab-scale SSFs). To answer this complex question I am using a combination of traditional microbiological techniques alongside next-generation sequencing (454 and Illumina) and DNA-SIP.

My PhD supervisors are Christopher Quince, Gavin Collins, Robert Davies and Caetano Dorea.


Background: Previously I have worked on the virulence of Yersinia ruckeri in Atlantic Salmon and Rainbow Trout. I have also worked on understanding the adherence mechanisms of Mannheimia haemolytica to ovine and bovine bronchial epithelial cells and organ cultures. Furthermore, I have worked on the biofilm-forming potential of University-of-GlasgowPseudomonas aeruginosa on engineered surfaces.

My full profile is on the University of Glasgow website.

My Publications:

GlasgowUniTranspSarah’s research is supported by a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellowship from the University of Glasgow.

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