Latest on our greenhouse-gas-oxidising biofilms

One of our postgrad students, Sean Gerrity, who has been working on the ecophysiology of gas-oxidising biofilms, has just finished his benchwork. Sean

Sean’s work has been on methane-, hydrogen sulphide- and ammonia-oxidising biofilms in novel, horizontal-flow biofilm reactors (HFBRs). We’ve worked with colleagues in Civil Engineering at NUI Galway on this – the engineers operated the HFBRs and we’ve been investigating the ecology and ecophysiology of the biofilms.


A plastic sheet, from one of the HFBRs, colonised by the slimy, methane-oxidising biofilms


Sean has done sequencing; gene fingerprinting; stable isotope probing; and a range of modified methanotrophic activity assays. He’s currently writing up the papers and we’re looking forward to sharing two papers on methane-oxidisers, and one each on H2S- and NH3-oxidisers, as soon as he can write and I can read!

Keep following for more news on this soon.


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