Transforming Waste Consortium

We’re entering an exciting phase of our multi-disciplinary project.

Our EPSRC-funded Transforming Waste Project consortium has just had our six-monthly meeting – this time at Cranfield University. Each of our partners participated – either in person or on the phone – so we had views from The University of Glasgow; The University of Sheffield; Newcastle University; The University of Ulster; Cranfield University; the Institute of Development Studies; and NUI Galway.

Our meeting came close on the heels of our recent field trip to Lusaka, Zambia. We’re next moving to lab- and pilot-scale trials of our new anaerobic, faecal sludge treatment system at Galway and our fertiliser recovery system at Cranfield. We plan to do on-site trials in Zambia in the summer.

Our project is based on a socio-technical approach to developing sanitation solutions, so our technologies have been built around knowledge about the social dynamics of sanitation in Lusaka. Our team has visited India and Zambia several times now to learn about urban, and peri-urban, sanitation in poor communities, and we have been able to use information about people’s knowledge, attitudes and practices to shape our technical work.

Our visit to Lusaka in December included meetings with Irish Aid; UNICEF Zambia’s Toilet Team; Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP); the Kanyama Water Trust; the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company; and the Zambian Ministry of Health.

We also agreed arrangements to collaborate with the University of Zambia on the pilot-scale testing of technology in Lusaka.

Our next big focus is on containment, collection and transport systems to transform the pit-latrine-based sanitation system in Kanyama, Lusaka. We’re looking forward to running a workshop on this aspect of our project soon.

Check back here again for more updates on the Transforming Waste Project over the next few weeks.


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