Day 1 at the #bsf13

Day one at the British Science Festival

Today was the first full day at the British Science Festival 2013 in Newcastle.

Newcastle University is really beautiful and the facilities for the festival are top notch, so we couldn’t have asked for a better base.

Dick Ahlstrom arrived today, so The Irish Times is really here now. Do look out for some tweets from @DickAhlstrom and @gcollinsgalway with the #bsf13 tag this week. We have some stories coming up and will be writing all week from the festival.

It’s been great to meet the other BSA Media Fellows and hear their stories from the BBC, The Guardian, Times, Scotsman, New Scientist and more. The week is young and there’s more science to write on and more people to meet. A very different conference experience for me, though – we’re at the press conferences in the morning; in the press centre all afternoon; and swilling free drink all evening. I only recognise one part of that, and even then I’ve rarely had a free drink at a conference.

Check in here again tomorrow night. In the meantime, this evening’s piece on autismImageImage

– GC

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