Week 3, Day 4 at The Irish Times: The Shads of Killarney

Today was my second-to-last day in the newsroom at The Irish Times. I’ll be back in Galway from Monday morning, with lectures on Tuesday.

I’ll be going to the British Science Festival in Newcastle, UK, on Saturday 7th and meeting up with The Irish Times Science Editor, Dick, again there, where we’ll be filing on the Festival for the paper all that week. That should be lots of fun – I think we’ve spent more time strategising where we’ll be picking up free drink and canapés than which stories we’re going to cover!

Today, I’ve been working away on next week’s feature article on the Science page of the paper. I’m nearly there and hope to knock it out finally tomorrow afternoon. I guess I’ll post on that again next Thursday.

Otherwise today, I finished off a piece on the Killarney shad, a fish that’s unique to a County Kerry lake. It’s been filed under ‘off-beat’, which I think is a compliment that speaks to its populist bent (that’s what I’m choosing to believe anyway). You can read about this family – the Shads of Killarney – and their ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ saga here.

I’ve said goodbye for now to Dick Ahlstrom – he’s off on family business from this evening until we hook up in Newcastle. It’s been a pleasure of the highest possible order working with Dick over these last few weeks, but more on that again.



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