Week 3, Day 3, The Irish Times

Here, I’m continuing with an account of my experience as a British Science Association media fellow at The Irish Times.

Week 3, Day 3 went well. The Science Editor and I worked on a report on the growth of ‘mini brains’ or ‘cerebral organoids’ from stem cells in Austria. The study is just published in Nature and is a big deal in stem cell research. We got some great responses from Prof Frank Barry at REMEDI at NUI Galway.

We had a ‘The Fun Times’ bbq last night; that was great to get to know even more people from the newspaper. Fun times, indeed.

The story on the mini-brains is the off-lead in today’s The Irish Times and is also available online here. Next up is my attempt at a colour/science story hybrid – watch out for some savvy County Kerry residents who’ve had their past traced back to The Ice Age.


A link between broccoli and brains? Not really, but I suppose there could be:


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