Week 1, Day 3, The Irish Times

Nice to arrive into the newsroom this morning to my free copy of the Irish Times and get to see my article on the Hyperloop. It was printed in the Business (and Innovation & Technology) supplement. The headline writers definitely have a way with words; they had ‘Beat the rush, take the Hyperloop’ and ‘Hyperloop pod speeds into the popular mind’.

The Leaving Cert results were released today and so Education stories were very busy. My piece on celebrations, which I wrote yesterday, was published online here.

I got to pitch in with Dick (the Science – and, temporarily, Education – editor) on the reaction to the results. I interviewed several students, mothers, school secretaries and principal teachers to get background on the high achievers. Some of this went online and some will be in the paper in the morning.

Out of over 50,000 students today, Ireland produced one higher-order genius who managed to pull out nine A1s – that two extra subjects than most. He also covered Biology on his own and in just 12 weeks. I wonder whether he’ll want to do a postgrad – I must remember that name!

Back to the Science stories, and I’m starting a piece tonight on climate change and heatwaves. I’ll try to tap up some climate experts in Galway, to get an Irish view and get the home-side out in front again.

I’m more-or-less finished my feature piece on biofilms now, so I hope to get this done and dusted before tomorrow evening. That’s for next week’s Science Today page. I fly over to Glasgow Friday morning to visit students and colleagues there, and to catch up on research progress and plans, so tomorrow will be my last day at the paper for this week.

– GC

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