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I will start my British Science Association Media Fellowship with The Irish Times this month. During my time at the newspaper, I’ll share my experiences here on this blog.

The idea behind the fellowship is to give an active research scientist, who doesn’t plan to leave science for journalism, a hands-on go at living the life of a science journalist. My colleague-Fellows from across the UK are at various outlets – including the BBC (BBC Online; BBC Radio 4; BBC ‘Countryfile’, etc.), New Scientist, Financial Times (yes – they have a science section..), Nature News and the Scotsman – and I’m in Dublin with the Irish Times (IT).

On this Wednesday, I’ll spend a day at The Irish Times offices on Tara Street, Dublin to get an introduction to life at the newspaper. I’m really looking forward to meeting up with the paper’s Science Editor, Dick Ahlstrom; getting a tour around; joining the midday and evening meetings; and figuring out what I’m going to focus on for the rest of the month.

I’ll update here again later this week on my ‘first day’.

I’ll start fully on my fellowship at the IT on 12th August and will continue with more dedication on my blog then – the life of an active research scientist trying to learn about the big, bad, scary world of science journalism!

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2 Responses to My Irish Times Blog

  1. Maura Cannon says:

    There is not enough science reporting in the popular media in Ireland so I welcome this initiative. I am so pleased that you are going to share your experiences in the blog. I assume you will write some pieces for the IT to bring the wonders of science to the largely non-scientifically educated populace. I wish you the best of luck with the post and look forward to reading your communications.

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